Romolo Chocolates Music Series 2013
Saturday, August 10 from 6 - 9 p.m. in the outdoor patio, 1525 W. 8th St. in Erie


The band appearing as part of Romolo Chocolates 2013 Summer Concert season will be a change of pace from the series' usual fare.  THE SPECIAL CONCENSUS is a bluegrass band, based in Chicago, with a 35 year history.

Bandleader Greg Cahill plays banjo (also mandolin and guitar), composes and sings.  He is past president and a board member of the
International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), receiving a Greg CahillDistinguished Achievement Award from the association in 2011.

Rick Faris - mandolin,
Dustin Benson - guitar and
Dan Eubanks - bass complete the group.

Grammy Nominee.

The band's 2012 album "Scratch Gravel Road" (Compass Records) was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass album. The band has made 16 albums.

It's not jazz but...

Sharing with jazz a strong reliance on dance rhythms and improvising skills, often at fast tempos, bluegrass music is
another American invention, arising in this case from Appalachian folk and gospel music during the Depression years (it's younger than jazz).

The Apecial Concensus onstageSongs are in close harmony by band members.  Typical instrumentation includes guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, sometime more exotic zithers, harmonica (harp)-- but seldom horns or drums.

Prepare your ears for some twangs.

Jesus and moonshine.

With roots in folk music from the British Islands and white gospel music, content ranges from gospel to tales of making moonshine, languishing in jail and jilted love -- or not.  Also like jazz,
this music doesn't come from the upper class.

You might like it or not. But come try it out.  Great, tight band!

TRomolo Chocolates ownerony Stefanelli, Stefanelli "can't wait"

"I don't know how it keeps happening," says Tony Stefanelli, owner of Romolo Chocolates and concert promoter, "but every summer I can't wait for more great music -- and this year is exceptional."  (Maybe it keeps happening because Tony and his cohorts work very hard and imaginatively to bring together these terrific programs, at no cost to listeners.  We owe him!)

2013 Romolo Chocolates Concert Calander.  

All concerts are 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., 1525 W. 8th St., outdoors in the
patio.  FREE!

June 15 -- JD Jazz featuring Christian Howes (jazz violin)
June 22 -- "Blue to the Bone," the Stryker Slagle Band (jazz blues)
June 29 -- The Sicilian Jazz Project (Sicilian folk music fused
with jazz, blues & more)
July 6 -- Bruce Johnstone and Tim Clarke (jazz)
July 13 -- Dollar Bill Crissman & the Spare Change (blues)
July 20 -- Giacomo Gates (jazz vocalist)
July 27 -- Cocomama (Afro-Cuban, Latin, world jazz)
August 4 -- break for the Erie Art Museum Blues & Jazz Festival at
Frontier Park
Josh and Adrienne HindmarshAugust 10 -- The Special Concensus (bluegrass)
August 17 -- Tom Principato (blues)
August 24 -- Adrienne Hindmarsh Quartet with Pete Mills (jazz)

More information to come as each concert approaches!  
Pete Mills CD

The Special Concensus

May 1, 2013