Fundraising Questions

Financial and fundraising guidelines for Scouting units:

Each year we get questions and concerns about fundraising for Scouting units so here are the Scouting guidelines that should be followed:

Council Fundraisers: Include popcorn and peanuts currently and they are the only sales that Scouts can wear their uniform to sell. These two product sales help support the Scout unit and the French Creek Council.

Non Council product sales: Units can do other sales but a Unit Money Earning Application should be completed and approved by the French Creek Council office before sale starts. Your Scouting unit cannot enter into any agreement for sales etc. without the Charter Organizations approval also.

Gambling/Games of Chance: These are not allowed for Scouting units. No raffles or Chinese auctions or any games of chance are allowed. Doing these events violate BSA policy (annual Charter Partner agreement) and put the Scouting nonprofit status in jeopardy.This may also jeopardize your Charter Organization if they do not have a small games of chance license.

Unit equipment and Finances:  All equipment (trailers, tents, cooking equipment) and finances are owned by your Charter organization. Units should be sharing financial information and equipment lists with Charter Organization.

Solictation of Funds: Scouting units cannot ask for money from outside organizations such as Lion’s Clubs, VFW Posts, American Legions, and Foundations. Door to Door solicitation for money is also not allowed. 

Failure to follow these simple rules: could result in a unit not being allowed to recharter or an organization to find themselves in legal trouble for state and federal guidelines.

Contact the French Creek Council office if you have questions at 814-868-5571.  

More information can also be found in the Annual planning calendar that is given to each unit prior to September.

November 14, 2019