About the Trails



With more than 140 parks and trails, there are many places to move outside in Erie County. The Erie County Recreational Passport highlights fifteen walking trails, eight of which are well-used rural trails in Union City, Fairview Township, Washington Township, Millcreek Township, Harborcreek Township, McKean, Greenfield Township and Lowville. On these trails you'll enjoy easy, relaxing walking experiences in the natural environment. The seven urban trails included in the passport take you through downtown areas of the City of Erie, North East, Corry, Waterford, Girard, Albion and Lawrence Park. You'll see historic  places and learn about what makes each of these communities unique. We hope you enjoy the diverse sites and experiences each trail has to offer.


Download a PDF of the Let's Move Outside! Erie County Recreational Passport.

 YogaLet's Get Fit!...Yoga Style

There are many health benefits associated with yoga, including improved flexibility, more strength, better concentration, improved posture and better breathing. We couldn’t think of a better place to try it than the great outdoors. To view a Get Fit! yoga instructional video, scan the QR code located on trail markers. All you’ll need - a willingness to try something new!





Disclaimer: There are inherent risks and dangers in participating in activities associated with the LMO! Erie County Recreational Passport, and participation in said activity may result in accidents, thefts or material damage. Other participants, accidents, forces of nature or other causes may cause these risks and dangers, and participants hereby accept these risks and dangers. The LMO! Passport project partners, sponsors and communities assume no liability for injuries or damages that may arise from participation in the LMO! Erie County Recreational Passport. Every effort will be made to make these safe, enjoyable and memorable trails.

April 30, 2012