Pastoral Council

Council assists the pastor in decision making and visioning for the parish.

Current St. Mark Pastoral Council:

      Bob Angelucci      Marion Armstrong         Tex Brieger, recorder

      Noreen Brown       June Detar                      Susan Grant, facilitator

      Cheryl LaBoda      Mary Shchouchkoff        Kathy Thornton

Ex officio:

      Maripat Grant       Geri Hadlock                    Pat Marshall


      Msgr. Daniel Arnold


Mission Statement:

      Sound pastoral decisions are informed by the wisdom of the people of God. The pastoral council of the Church of St. Mark the Evangelist is called, through prayerful discernment, to study and summarize pastoral issues in order to provide a shared wisdom and balanced perspective that will help the pastor make decisions which best serve the parish and larger community.


April 6, 2015